Does he like me follow up, what to do now?

by MeadowSparrow

So, previously I had posted on this same sight about a guy who followed me around everywhere, and here is what I said:

So, there is this guy, who follows me just about everywhere... He eats with my friends and I at lunch, he sits near me in several classes, and I often find him looking at me. He doesn't stare, he just looks for a bit, and then looks away. When I 'catch' him looking at me, and look back, he he looks away. For as much as I have known him, he is SUPER shy, he won't say much to me directly, but he often speaks to my friends when I am around. Sometimes I try to start the conversation, just to get to know him, and it often ends abruptly.

I am somewhat of a writer and I have been passing around a copy of my work to my friends, and I gave a copy to him, asking if he'd like to read it. He read it, marked it up, and left a nice comment on the end. When I bring up the writing in conversation with other friends, he jumps in saying that he really liked it.

Then one day, he asked me "Are you coming to such and such event tonight?" I replied that yes I would probably come, and he said "Okay, good, because I will be there." Another time, when I knew he was invited to a party I was going to, I asked him if he was going and he said yes. Then he asked if I was coming, I said yes, and he said "Good, Cool."

Now, I have something more to add to this, and more questions that I have about it...

We chat online sometimes, and we both love music, I am more modern, but he likes the 80s. So we go back and forth suggesting songs to each other and occasionally while I am photo editing, I might say, "Oh I wish I had Maiya's eyes.... for the picture at least..." and he will jump in and make a compliment like "Oh okay, I was going to say, you have pretty neat eyes" or "I like your eyes" or something, you know, just jumping in with a compliment. This is always sweet, so one time I got up the courage and said, "I know this is really awkward, but do you like me?" and he said "Yes I do." and then I said,":D Well, just so you know, I like you too!" and then it all kinda ended there.

I sent him a birthday card this year, and his mom has started waving at me when he leaves from school with her, or, when they got the card in the mail she came up to me and said, "Hey, we got your card today, I'll give it to him when we get home" I just kinda nodded and said OK. Thinking back on that moment, I found it funny how she knew who I was from my address and name on the card, which in my mind, makes it seem like he's been telling his family about me.

I also heard from a friend (who wasn't really supposed to tell me to begin with) that his brother said he liked me. And although its that 'heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend' thing, she actually heard him say it so I think its pretty credible.

But even though he still follows me around, he always puts space between us (maybe because he's shy?) Like he'll sit next to me in the auditorium, but he'll put his binder down in between us like a barrier? I don't want to ruin what we have by pushing things too far, but I don't want it to stay like this and I think he's too scared to make the next move...

Prom is coming up and I want him to ask me to prom, but I don't want it to be forced out of him by something I might say. What can I do about this? How should I do/say things in order to make us more than friends? How can I get him to ask me to prom without pressuring him?

Very confused, MeadowSparrow

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