Does he like me?

There is this guy who I really like and I really want to know if he likes me. It started when I met him at the beginning of the year. We had both moved from different schools and we were put in the same class.

I talked with him in class once and I liked his personality. Then we got chatting again and I just liked him so much. (I'm not going to say love because I'm probably too young) Then I sent him a birthday card with my address and email and he replied. We emailed each other everyday. Then I got MSN and we talked for ages on it like every single day.

We are both really shy so we don't talk face-to-face very much, but when we do we have so much fun. Yesterday, we went to help out one of the kindergarten teachers in her room and we ended up having to clean up the 'home corner' (like a mini kid's house thing) and we did the dress up box. We took everything out and started dressing up. And we were like putting hats on each other and I had the best fun that I've had for like ages! He knows I like him.

Whenever my friends say something to him involving me, like when my friend Zoe dared him to dance with me at camp; he always rolls his eyes and blushes. I am not sure if he likes me.

Can someone tell me from the information that I've given, if he likes me? I always see him looking at me and when he notices that I've seen him, he blushes and looks down. And he always turns bright red when we talk. Oh, and just so you know, we are both 11.

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Dec 15, 2009
I know how you feel
by: Green_eyes_blurred

I truly feels he likes you. A lot. I'm in middle school and my whole class is way too mature for our age.

I really liked this guy named Lucas; we always hang out and I invited him to my house for my 12th birthday. He is exactly like the guy you described. He told me he liked me too.

This guy definitely likes you.

Dec 12, 2009
puppy love
by: Anonymous

It's puppy love,enjoy it, I'm betting that he likes you too.

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