Does he like me?

by MeadowSparrow

So, there is this guy, who follows me just about everywhere... He eats with my friends and I at lunch, he sits near me in several classes, and I often find him looking at me. He doesn't stare, he just looks for a bit, and then looks away. When I 'catch' him looking at me, and look back, he he looks away. For as much as I have known him, he is SUPER shy, he won't say much to me directly, but he often speaks to my friends when I am around. Sometimes I try to start the conversation, just to get to know him, and it often ends abruptly.

I am somewhat of a writer and I have been passing around a copy of my work to my friends, and I gave a copy to him, asking if he'd like to read it. He read it, marked it up, and left a nice comment on the end. When I bring up the writing in conversation with other friends, he jumps in saying that he really liked it.

Then one day, he asked me "Are you coming to such and such event tonight?" I replied that yes I would probably come, and he said "Okay, good, because I will be there." Another time, when I knew he was invited to a party I was going to, I asked him if he was going and he said yes. Then he asked if I was coming, I said yes, and he said "Good, Cool."

I don't know if this means he likes me or not? Because I am so un-sure, I have been hesitant in pursuing anything because I recently had my heart broken by someone else... What do I do to let him know that I kinda like him too?

Thank you!

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Jan 22, 2012
Valentines day perhaps?
by: MeadowSparrow

Hey thanks Shantae! I figured this would be the best option, but I am glad there is someone out there who knows how I feel! With Valentines day coming up, perhaps I could hint to him that I kinda like him? Would this be a good Idea?


Jan 22, 2012
Go for it.
by: shauntaemae

Hey meadow, i've been in two situations like yours and if there is one advice i could give to you is to go for it. Baby girl you would never know what he thinks or how he thinks of you until you confront him. Maybe you can consider giving him some time and if a lot time passes and he still says nothing then is when you make your move to confront him. All you need to do is go up to him and say,"Hi (name)i just wanted to know,is there any chance that you like me?" And if he says yes then you tell him how you feel too, but if he says no know you tell him,"Thanks i was just checking." It's pretty simple. Anyways girlfriend i have got to go, but you take my advice ok? i guarantee it would work.Good luck. BYE. Your friend Shauntae.

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