Does He Love Me or Not?

Does He Love Me or Not?

My name is Jennifer and I am in love with someone who lives far away. We are in a long distance relationship. We only meet each other on the internet. Things were going very nice until Valentine's Day when I went online to wish him well and he wasn't in a festive mood.

Otherwise, he 's a very nice guy who cares about me. He talked to his family about me and I also had a few chats with his family and now, I am waiting for him, so that we can get married.

Recently, he has stopped talking to me. He says he loves me, but never sends me any messages, doesn't call or say he misses me. He wasn't like this before.

When I ask him if he still loves me, he becomes very angry and wants to know why I am asking for assurances and why I am making him repeat things.

Is it a big deal to ask someone if he still loves you?

Lately, he doesn't smile when I go online and doesn't seem to enjoy my company.

I am medical student and am preparing for my exams. He says that I should concentrate on my studies for now and that he is always there for me, but I get restless when he doesn't write or talk to me.

I am very confused....does he love me or not? Do you think he is trying to get rid of me?

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May 17, 2010
long distance relationship
by: hai naku!

I think your boyfriend is no longer in love with you, sorry for that. Because if he still loved you then he should keep on communicating knowing that you're in a long distance relationship and encouraging you to study hard.

But from what you've said, it's definitely the other way around. He should not make you feel that way.

If I were you, I would be less dependent. Try not to be so attached to him. Just relax, concentrate on your studies and just wait and see if he makes the first move.

If you keep on asking all those questions (Are you still in love with me?), it is sure to annoy him.

Mar 09, 2010
Something is Wrong
by: Anonymous

I think something is wrong. It isn't a big deal to ask someone if they really love you because if they did then they would tell you without you asking and when you did ask, they would tell you even more just to reassure you that nothing is wrong. Good luck on your relationship and your exams.

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