Does He Love Me?

by Sarah

I don’t know if this guy Richard really does love me.

You see, he’s my best mate's cousin and I’m going to see him
during the holidays coming up. My best mate told me he never opens
up to anyone, but he did to me. The texts he sent me one night were what I wanted
to hear, but that’s why I was so surprised he never said anything like that
before even though they were really cheesy. But now whenever I text him,
he never texts me back and when I do speak to him, it's like he’s only out for one
Thing. I don’t know anymore if I really do love him and I don’t know why!
He gets really angry if I speak about another lad but he thinks its okay when he does it.
It really upsets me. I’m with another guy at the moment and my mate said that I don’t love him. I’m covering my feeling up with this new guy I’m with and sometimes I think she’s right. She said I just have to wait for the holidays and he will see what
was right in front of him all this time. I’m not too sure he will though. I don’t think he
wants to be in love ... he’s still a little kid inside and wants to just have fun. So do I, but I
can't bare seeing him with anyone else. He asks me out, then forgets and goes with someone else. He’s done this so many times before.

Once I spoke to him and he was really down so I asked what was wrong. He told me his girlfriend kept smiling and being really nice with his mate. I was like how long have you been with her then he said about 2 months. That really cut me deep inside because he was with me for some of that time. I just told him I would always be here for him ... I couldn’t tell him how upset I was. He did say sorry after, but I don’t think it meant anything. My best mate goes to see him all the time and she says he speaks about me all the time. His mum and granddad know about me, but I don’t know why if he doesn’t care! That’s why I need
some advise on what to do and stuff x x x x x x please reply soon thank you

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