Does He Miss Me Like I Miss Him?

So I fell head over heals in crush with a boy in seventh grade. We were really close and would always get in trouble for talking to much; at one point our teacher forced us to eat at a private table at lunch so we'd get all our talking out. Anyways this boy and I weren't best friends but we always had each other to turn to. Let me put it this way, when we had to get in line or sign up for something, we always made sure we did it together. Everyone had a crush on him in school because he was the hottest kid (as hot as a 12 yr old can be lol) and everyone admitted to liking him but me. To this day I haven't admitted to anybody that I like him, not even my best friend. Anyways it was one of the best years of my life and I truly "loved" him. At some point I moved and it was horrible, like I was being torn away from all I held dear.

Growing up, I would get regular updates on him. He moved away to but my best friend new his parents. I felt like I would be getting over him and then my best friend would tell me something about him on the phone or send me a newspaper clipping off his smiling face winning an award. Eventually I graduated and went to college. Only, I still think about him all the time. I've had other crushes since him and gone out with other people. I'm not saying he's the one, all I'm saying is that I miss him and I wonder if he ever thinks of me as much as I do him? Or even if he remembers me.

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