Does He Notice Her?

by Niamh

I am writing this about my friend who we will call Rachel.

All of our friends and I thought something was wrong with Rachel. we were all 12/11 and all of us had had a boyfriend or fancied a guy apart from Rachel. Even her parents would take me to the side and ask if she had a boyfriend.

We were just starting our first year at high school (I'm from the UK) and we were having fun telling each other about all the cute older guys in the school. Lucky for me I had one of the cutest guys ever in my registration class call Jordan. Jordan was in 4th year and 3 years older than me.

So when I told Rachel about him she looked embarrassed and I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she had seen the cutest guy ever and he was in 4th year too. She pointed him out to me and even I had to admit he was hot as.

ever since then Rachel has had a crush on him. Its been 10 months since she started fancying him and once when he went past on his bike she shouted hi and waved at him.

recently we were walking home from school and he went past on his moped and Rachel actually screamed so loud that people were looking out their windows at us.

I'm guessing that the boy knows she likes him. She added him on Bebo but she never got a reply and now she has added him on MSN too.

She isn't a stalker or anything like that but she says that she thinks its more than a crush like they are meant to be together. she said if he died she would kill herself.

I have never heard any other stories like this but there you go.

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