Does My Ex Want Me Back - A SureFire Way to Tell and Strategy to Follow

Does My Ex Want Me Back?

If it seems that your ex is becoming interested in you, or wants to spend time with you or if there has been some flirtation, then you may feel hopeful, but you still need to take things slow even though you may be wondering "does my ex want me back?"

Although your ex may be interested in you again and you may welcome this, my advice is don't jump into things. I hate to admit that it's true but playing hard to get can work like magic if your ultimate goal is to get back your ex. If you let your thoughts about "should I get back with my ex" overcome you and jump into things anyway, you'll be recreating the same situation that caused you to part ways in the first place. Plus, getting back together at this stage may make your ex realize that your relationship still has the same old problems which can quickly push your ex away.

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If you play hard to get, this creates and sustains interest.

Usually after one partner breaks up with the other or vice versa and a little time has passed, each of you will start missing the relationship and longing to get back together. At this point, you will both be wondering "should I get back with my ex?" This is natural because even though your relationship led to a breakup, there were good times and each of you will begin to cherish the happiest memories of your time together. So if you are wondering "does my ex want me back," you can almost be certain that your ex is wondering the same about you.

does my ex want me back

It's this fact of human nature that you want to use to your advantage if your goal is to get back your ex. Also, since sometimes when an ex shows interest in you after a breakup, it may just be to make themselves feel better temporarily, you don't want to risk your heart getting played. This is why you proceed slowly. And while you're doing so, you focus on working on yourself ... making yourself a better person: more fit, positive, centered and healthy.

That way, if your partner's interest isn't real, you aren't devastated. If it is real, you will have piqued your ex's interest by not falling readily into their arms, plus you will have improved yourself! Are you starting to get the picture? At this point, you can stop asking should I get back with my ex and learn the strategies to make it happen. Caution: you need to follow a plan, so you don't become overemotional and mess things up.

does my ex want me back

This is a common situation following a breakup when many people find themselves wondering "does my ex want me back." While most people will rush headlong back into their relationship with all the problems it had before, or worse, yet, get played as an easy one night stand or boost to their ex's confidence, you'll know better. In this way, playing hard to get (in a firm, but kind way) will prevent you from getting hurt again so soon after a breakup.

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