dreams do come true

by jas
(love world)

this all started in the summer of 8th grade, i was heartbroken by an ex who left without saying a word. i found out he was sleeping with some chick so i told him i knew what was going on. and after that day he never came back or talked to me.

and to be honest he treated me like sh**, like i wasn't even worth anything so in a way...i knew i didn't deserve to be treated like that. but i was in love with him so of course it hurt a lot at first, but my mother is so sweet she kept me busy and always told me this is just a part of life. we learn from every heart break and every time our skin gets a little thicker so the next time when it hurts you don;t feel it as bad as you did the last time.

a few weeks passed by and i bumped into a guy, he's really tall, really handsome, and at first it was just a "sorry" and we both walked away from each other as complete strangers. and than i realized, oh snap, he lives a street away from me. he was visiting his family up here. and i kinda liked the way we stared at each other for so damn long.

i started smiling, catching my self thinking about him. one day i went for a morning jog, i saw him again and this time he waved and came towards me. we started talking, he kept biting his lip shyly, like he was nervous. and i swear i just wanted to attack him with a kiss but that would of been weird.

he asked my name and i told him, he added me on facebook, and we became really good friends. a few months passed and he came back to visit his family again and this time he wanted to meet me so he texted me. i was excited, my tummy filled with butterflies as i got ready. and all i could think of was what he's looking like, what he's gonna say.

we met at a nearby park and i don't know what went over us...we just hugged each other hard and he held the back of my head looked into my eyes and said ever since that first time i saw you i knew you were the one. i looked at him really shocked and before i could part my lips to say anything he wrapped one arm around my waist the other on my head, and we kissed. my hands shaking as i touched his chest gently with our lips locked, i think we kissed for 4 minutes. but i felt it, that kiss told me more than just words could of...he was in love with me like i was with him.

and ever since we've been dating. its been 3 years now. and i love him to death, no matter what happens i know he'll always be my other half.

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Jul 22, 2015
dreams are precious NEW
by: helina

Yes as you said our dreams will come true. But we need to work hard for that dream. Or else the god must give it to you. But sometimes the broken dreams are so painful. So it is better to sea dreams that we can achieve.buckyballs

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