dyiNg insidE...

by arVin (emO dArk AngeL)

She feels so alone, with no one to hold,

She hides all her thoughts, pretends to be bold.
No one knows, how she feels each night.
No one knows how close she is to losing this fight.

She sits alone, in her little room,
With the blade in her hand, trying to erase all her gloom.
The scars can't be seen, she tries her best to hide.
No one ever knows, how she's really feeling inside.

She feels confused, why do they treat her like dirt?
She doesn't understand, why she's always getting hurt.
No matter what she does, no matter how hard she tries,
She always seems to fall and believe all their lies.

She can't seem to understand, what has she done?
She thought it was worth it, but this hasn't been fun.
She has thoughts of ending, her messed up life,
But how would they feel, knowing she had turned to the knife?

She feels like suicide, is the only escape,
How can she explain, that around her a black cloud has begun to drape.
She's lost in this world, with nothing to do but let go,
How can she hold on, when she lost herself so long ago.

She can't explain, why she feels this way,
All she knows is, so can no longer stay.
She hates herself, pure destruction at risk,
So why not end it before someone sees the scars upon her wrists.

Self-hatred has come over her, no longer can she pretend,
How can she love herself, when all she wants is the end?
She doesn't know why, there's no way to explain,
What could cause someone to hate herself, and want to cause herself such pain?

There's a puzzle in her head, she's too afraid to admit,
If she puts the pieces back together, will she realize that this is it?
Could depression be the reason? That this black cloud has started to follow,
Made her feel so worthless, so destructive and so hollow?

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Oct 17, 2011
my comment
by: Anonymous

this poem is so amazing. its such beautiful writing and i loved reading it. good job

Nov 12, 2009
Very Deep
by: kayla

That was amazing. I loved it, it was deep.

Aug 17, 2009
Nice Poem
by: RileyM

This is a beautiful poem. I can feel all the emotion right from the poem. Keep up the good work.

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