Embarrassing Moment Leads to Love

by Arabella

Well there is a guy who I like so much! He's is so perfect for me! He's just my height and he's so sweet to me and he's a good Christian! So the first time I saw him, I was head over heels for him! He plays football at out school so on a Thursday I went to the game and there he was so HOT looking! After the game I went to go tell him he did a great job and gave him a HUGE hug! Later that night, I sent my best friend a text message saying he looked so hot and sweaty and that I really wanted to kiss him and that I really really really like him! Well the next day after school his best friend was on my best friend's phone and was looking through her text messages and read the one that I sent her! He started laughing so hard and I kept on asking him what was so funny but he wouldn't tell me and finally he told me! I started freaking out and started begging him not to tell his best friend about the text and he didnt! He kept it a secret from him. About 5 months later, he told him, so the guy I liked came up to me and asked me how hot I thought he was and how sweaty he was the night of the game and I just started laughing and told him that he is very very hot! We started talking and texting a lot and a month later he asked me out and we have been going out ever since!

(sorry my story is soooo long ... I like to type)

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