by Emma Henry
(United Kingdom)

To be emo its not really something you choose, people dress similar to how they feel, someone may dress in black skinny jeans and a dark top and hoody, which suggests that they feel depressed and emotional at certain things.

my design is inspired by my first love and last love, we were together for ages but he used to really hurt me and he left me and kissed someone else. im still madly in love with him, we were perfect for many months after the break up and now i just cant take much more of the pain, every night i cry myself to sleep and i cant speak to him about how i feel because he doesnt care less, this inspires my design since its going to be dark and reflecting on how i feel.
i want it to show pain and everything that it means to be emo. i want it to show all of the pain people put on others and they dont care at all. some people are heartless and they will be that way for the rest of their life.

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