by Nicole

I am absolutely 100 percent in love. I need help. Here's my story.

I met Alex in my History class and instantly liked him. I mean how could I not. Tall and handsome, athletic, funny, respectful.

And he liked me too. A lot. He asked me out September 11, 2008. We were doing fine until he started to act differently. Maybe it was because I had to move in December.

I thought it was because he didn't love me, and so I found Cory. He was such a sweetheart. Also my summer fling and so I cheated on Alex with Cory because I was "lonely" not to mention drunk.

The next day Alex picked me up from work in his car. And he held me in his arms and told me that he loved me.

I loved him and did not realize it until that very moment.

And so I told him I cheated on him. After that he became bitter.

And then a month later I moved away to Virginia from California.

I miss him and love him STILL but he doesn't care about me or talk to me.

It's been five months, almost six! and I would do ANYTHING to move on.

I can't even start up another relationship because of these feelings, and I have become strong and independent, but also very confused and bitter. I'm constantly putting my guard up and pushing guys away.

Help, please.

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