Extremly emotional "Break" How can I get him back? I want to soon!

by Meagan
(Flower Mound, TX)

My boyfriend and I have been going out for 5 months and everything was so great. We never really fought and through all the tough stuff, we pulled through. We love each other so much. I'm his 1st love and even the 1st girl to go past kissing with. We are each others' world. Saturday night, I got really emotional and he comforted me. We even went to Zales and got Promise rings and he was saying how much he loved me. I got really upset and threatened to break up with him twice, but never meant it. (I'm on Depo and it makes me very moody) He tried to do it with me Saturday night and was crying the whole way to my house but couldn't do it. He said he'd never do that to me and he loved me so much, and asked if I would always stay with him and I said yes. He was sobbing in my arms. He texted he loved me so much. And when I couldn't fall asleep at 5 am he kept calling me baby and said everything was okay and we were together and we were going to stay that way.

Then shit broke loose. His parents bitched at him because he was supposed to be saving $2000 for college and he blew it all on us, leaving just $150. They said he made me his whole world, pushed his friends away and it was affecting his health and stuff.

He says we need at least a week to prioritize things and he loves me very much. And he really hopes we get back together. I need to take this time to work on getting my driver's liscense and a job he says.

I really hope we get back together. I truly know he is the one and the love of my life. No one can ever compare.

His mom called me and told me all of this about the money and stuff when I had no idea, and he wouldn't tell me anything was wrong because he didn't want to hurt me. I just don't want to be in pain anymore, or him, I want us to be together before August 17 when we go to college at the latest.

The last time I talked to him was yesterday when it happened and he still said he loves me and everything and that he'd see me next week, he says if he sees I'm trying hard enough he'll take me back whatever that means. But that was 11 am then. He said he would talk to me the rest of the day and I got really upset he wouldn't answer my hysterical texts and voicemails. I only did that for about 10 minutes, then I resisted contact the rest of the day and night. He said he'd talk to me today, but I haven't yet heard from him. I sent him a text earlier saying if we can talk, and I will call him before I go to bed later tonight. But if he doesn't answer, I'm going to resist contact for like a whole day and a half. I just don't know what to do, it's eating me up. No matter how badly I'm hurt I would answer him.

Do you think we have a chance?

Be the woman your man adores and never wants to leave simply by being yourself

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