Ex-Wife or Current Girlfriend?

by al


My problem is my ex (mother of my kids) wants me back.. She left me and she cheated on me three times. This time when I actually tried to move on with my current girlfriend, she wants me back and wants to try again. I actually cheated on my girlfriend with her .. as in messing around with my ex time from time.

I feel bad because my girlfriend is a great person. Another problem with my girlfriend: we only spend 2 days together a week.

I am so confused.. Now that my ex is with someone and I am going nuts and she doesn't want to be with me, I don't know what to do. I just feel like leaving everyone and being by myself? Please help.

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Mar 02, 2011
by: Tommy Mead

well dude, you need to get a life and move on because she CHEATED on you, if she loved you then she would never have cheated on you, that makes her A WHORE, and she will spread her legs to any tom dick and harry...find you a good girl and leave the sluzies alone because if you dont then your gonna mess up so yeh....i hope everything works out for you man...wish you the best

Aug 23, 2010

does your current girlfriend know what you are doing? Maybe she doesn't but did know that you and your ex still communicate?

I can relate to to your girlfriend. I have a boyfriend and he is divorced. I know he still loves her, but he can't do anything because the wife lost her love for him.

Now I'm still with my boyfriend even if my heart breaks in 2 pieces when I see them talking, or when I see a message coming from his ex wife.

I'm sharing this with you so that you'll know how your girlfriend feels when you're not being fair to her.

Don't let any chances to show her how important she is.. I've no idea if u still love her, but if you do,just let it into your heart.

Besides, you're divorced right? It's time to move on and face this reality. Time to learn your lessons. Be fair to your girlfriend.

Aug 22, 2010
relationship drama
by: Anonymous

you need stop lusting over these women and stop hurting everybody around you.

Aug 19, 2010
Ex- Wife or Current Girlfriend
by: Penny

What I see is this...your ex knows she can have you any time she wants you and you allow her back in your life.

You cheated with your ex on your girlfriend even after your ex has cheated on you, three times, while she was your girl. It seems you didn't learn your lesson and what your ex did to you, you are now doing to your girlfriend. THINK ABOUT THAT!

Now, once again your ex doesn't want you and has someone new, you still don't seem to understand that you should leave her alone(nothing personal should EVER come between you two) and just be a father to your children.

You are the cause of your confusion. You allow your feelings for your ex to get in the way of your feelings and relationship with your girlfriend.

I would stay with the girlfriend and try to work it out if you need more time than she has to offer then let her know; see if there is anything the two of you can work out.

No matter what, LEAVE YOUR EX ALONE. Stop letting her use you so you won't end up hurting another girl emotionally.

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