Fallen in Love with You

by Helen

Fallen in Love with You

When you ask me what's going through my head, I will lie,
I don't want to drown you in my thoughts,
And I haven't got a lifeboat to save you
Or a rope to throw you,
So just sit back and shut your eyes,
Ask me again if you want, but be prepared.
What's going through your head?
Don't get me started!
Your smile and its pure beauty
The deep green of your eyes
Your chiseled jaw,
The way you laugh,
The way you catch me when I fall,
The way you scare me and make me jump,
The way your touch feels smooth on my skin,
The little knock I beg to hear on my front door,
The sudden silence when we think we're not alone.
The way you whistle to let me know I'm wanted,
Your light footsteps that put my stomp to shame,
The sound of your breath in my ear,
The the brush of your nose in my hair.
Your name on the screen when you text me,
The sound of the ringtone and my impatience to read what you have to say,
The way you have the power to make me want you.
The way you keep me up all night talking,
And how I'm falling behind on homework because I have a better time with you,
That good morning text letting me know I'm on your mind,
The way your skin felt the first time,
But that's our secret.
I've fallen in love with you
And everything about you.

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