feeling second best

by charlotte loughran
(preston, lancashire , england)

me and my fella met 9 months ago at a party my friend invited me to and we got on really well so we started seeing each other and then on facebook he sent me a message saying he couldnt do it any more as a girl he has liked for years has moved back so we split. but after a month or so we got back together and it was never spoken about but recently i have lost our baby after being back together for 6 months and my head is all messed up and i have this feeling like im becoming second best and i feel like its the girl we split up for the 1st time round but we havent spoken properly the past week or so since losing our baby. i know he finds it hard and so do i.

i love him more then anything and dont want to lose him again but i just want to find out about this girl but i dont kow how to ask him in the right kind of way with out upsetting him or it sounding too wired. im going mad not knowing if he still has feelings for her. i know he loves me loads but some times i just feel like he still has feelings for her. can you help me on how to ask him?

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