Fight for Relationship or Let It Go

by boriiqua
(East Hartford CT US)

Fight for Relationship or Let It Go

My boyfriend and I were doing a long distance relationship and I felt like it was too much for him. I was supposed to move to where he lives this summer, but my plans changed and I won't be moving until next year.

I don't know how to tell him that I won't be moving back. He told me that if I wasn't moving back this summer, then the distance would be too much for him.

I was scared to lose him so I broke up with him. I told him he didn't do anything wrong, I just didn't want to keep him waiting any longer. As much as it hurt me to say it, I told him I thought he would be better off with someone else who isn't so far away.

He told me he doesn't want anyone else, but I personally think he can be a lot happier with someone closer to him. So right now, we're sort of taking a break. He asked me if I was going to mess around with other people. I told him no, I wasn't, then I asked him if he was and he just replied "you told me to." That is true but it hurt so much to hear it.

I'm so confused. I know that I don't want to lose him for good, but I don't want to hold on to him and continue to hurt him because we don't see each other as often as we would like. I have other dudes that want to go with me, but my heart just wont let go of my ex.

I don't know whether I should fight for this relationship or just let it go and let him be happy with some else. Help!

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Aug 01, 2010
Long Distance Relationship
by: Anonymous

I'm in a long distance relationship right now. We've been together for a year and 4 months already and I only see him Fridays and Saturdays. I trust him so much not to leave him. Does it really matter if you do see him? Doesn't it matter how much you love him and want to be with him, not the distance?

Jun 07, 2010
Fight By Being Honest
by: Anonymous

How could you be scared to lose him and yet break up with him?

I don't understand why you just didn't tell him you wouldn't be able to move back as you planned then explain why? This would give him the option of what he wanted to do. You told him what to do.

You can still talk to him, let him know that you said what you did out of fear because you knew he had a issue with the distance and you stood the chance of losing him. Let the final decision be his and you have to accept the consequences.

This way you're being honest and you'll see if he really loves you! He may be thinking you don't really want to be with him, depending on your reason for not being able to move back as you said.

If you want an honest answer, you must communicate honestly and openly.

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