Friend or Lover?

by Ariana
(New Jersey)

I've been best friends with a guy since we were young. We used to make each other laugh and smile all the time. At times, I got the hint that he liked me more than a friend, but I wasn't completely sure. We were the perfect pair as far as best friends go.

A few years later, I had a boyfriend. He always made fun of my friend, calling him names and bad, so eventually, I dumped him.

After that, I got another boyfriend. Again, he made fun of my friend. No surprise. But something happened after I stood up for him. I got a text that said, "I love you."

I was caught off guard, not knowing what to say. I responded, "Really?"

"Yes," he said.

I didn't know what to say next. The following Monday, I broke up with my current boyfriend. He took it kinda hard. I was still in shock from what my friend had said.

When I met up with him at the end of the day, we acted like nothing had happened. After awhile, I realized how amazing he really was.

After a month I asked him out, with no surprise he said, "Yes." Then a day later in the morning, he asked me to be his girlfriend over text. (Not the best way, I know.)

I said, "Yes!"

I really like him, especially now that I realize that I've liked him for so long.

My advice: Take a chance on something new!

Send a message in a bottle to the one you love. Timeless and utterly romantic!

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