Friends or more?

by Phil

Hi There,

I feel a little silly writing this, I should be old enough to be able to answer this myself, but I am unsure and would like a little advice if possible....

I have been divorced twice (not through my actions) and I had resigned myself to being alone and started to withdraw from contact with anyone that would lead to any interaction on a social level. I have always been polite but I have not looked for either friendship or relationship for over four years.

Through social networking, I have been speaking to a girl from many years ago.... (to be honest, my first crush from when I was 10 or 11!!!!) also going through difficult times. I have met a couple of times since and would like to 'officially' ask her out. The problem is that I do not want to make her uncomfortable and 'scare her away' as being her friend is truly amazing and wonderful, and I would prefer not to risk damaging that. Also even though she was my very first crush, I never said anything even back then....

However, if I do not ask her out, could I live with that if she is interested and will not wait? what a quandary and what to do?

I suppose that I should also point out that I am on the aspergers spectrum, and therefore I struggle to really understand emotions in some senses.... Therefore, what I interpret as interest may be hopefulness on my part and nothing else.... I would be very interested and grateful for your comments.....

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