fun jealousy

by seleste
(houston, texas, U.S.)

me and my boyfriend, angel, have this great connection and love for each other that no one else has. and of course almost all his friends are my friends so we all pull pranks and jokes on each other. so sometimes when me and him are walking in the halls, his friends would come from behind him and grab his ass and be like "hey sexy" and make him look gay to embarrass him in front of me. but i think it's so cute and when he turns red, i call him rosy chweks and i would squeeze his cheeks and he would just laugh!

and then my girl friends would come up to me and be like, "angel! she's cheating on you with me!" and i would laugh and he would be like "ohh realy?!?! because she never MENTIONED YOU!" and i just think it's cute but funny how we can joke around and laugh at the same inside jokes because that shows we have chemistry and connection!

i love my boyfriend so much but the funny part that he doesn't know i love him and i don't know if he loves me because we haven't really confessed that yet! ahhh but soon...very soon!

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