Get Over Relationship Breakup

A month ago i was in a relationship that lasted a year and two months, the best time of my life. She made me happy and it was just magical. We had some problems but we did work them out. I understand that you cannot make someone love you, but I stuck with her through everything.

She had surgery a month into our relationship and I stuck with her through that. We took being able to hardly seeing each other for a few months, but it only made our love stronger. Then she even tried committing suicide. She was worried that I was going to leave her.

After she got out of the hospital things were going great or better than great for a month and a half. Then all of a sudden she decides she doesn't love me anymore.

I still love her more than anything and I would give the world for her. I also want to be happy for her if this is what she really wants and this is what makes her happy.

I just don't know how to get over all this. If anyone has any advice, I need it please. I still care for this girl so much and I want to get over this. Thanks for your time.

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