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Novel Gift Ideas ...

Do you want to buy something special for someone, but have trouble thinking up unique gift ideas? At Love-Quotes-and-Quotations, we understand how important it is to show your loved ones how much you care for them with a special present.

Since we understand that coming up with possibilities is difficult for most people, we offer ideas that will grab you right away or lead to ideas of your own. Our premise at Love-Quotes-and-Quotations is that coming up with that special present requires knowing the person's heart.

Our gift ideas follow this premise and are organized below and in the various sections of our site. (Please be patient as we build content for this topic). If you have a story about a surprise that you planned for someone special, you can share your story by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

If you love quotes, make sure to browse our site and select an inspirational quote to tuck inside the gift recipient's card. Choose a quote that motivates or speaks to a particular challenge in their life.

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Before you fill out the form, we offer some gift giving tips:

1. Rather than buy someone a generic gift, like a pair of socks, buy them something specific.

2. When thinking up specific gift ideas, think about the person and what they love to do. (If you don't know, you need to pay attention.)

3. For instance, if your husband loves sports, start here for gift ideas. Allow yourself some quiet time to muse about what would make the perfect gift. Do a little research to find what's out there and then let your muse do the work. Before you go to sleep at night, see the person opening your gift in your mind's eye. Don't focus on the gift--instead envision the look of pure pleasure on their face. Trust the work that you have done and soon, a unique gift idea will grab you or pop into your mind.

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