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Below is our collection of golf quotes. On the course, as in life, there are many lessons to be learned. Some of the best known golf pros like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus talk about what inspires them on and off the course.

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Golf Quotes

" ... As far as golf, one of the things my dad kept instilling in me was the joy of the game. He made it fun for me. A lot of the times I see a lot of the kids, they don't enjoy being out there and that's a shame, you're supposed to enjoy the game, it's a game, ultimately ... "

~Tiger Woods~

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Funny Golf Quotes

"The basic philosophy behind [switch putting] is you always want a hook putt. So for a left-to-right breaking putt, you're going to want to hit it left-handed and vice versa."

~Notah Begay~

"Golf is the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off."

~Chi Chi Rodriguez~

"Golf is a game, not a sport."

~Larry Ramirez~

"I love to play to win."

~Tiger Woods~

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Golf Quotes

"Good golf shots result from delivering the clubhead to the ball when the clubhead is traveling either from slightly inside or directly along the target line with the face looking squarely at the target."

~Jack Nicklaus~

Golf Quotes

" ... I realized that the secret to golf isn't how low you shoot when it's going good, it's how to make your bad rounds better."

~Notah Begay~

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Golf Quotes

"The main idea in golf as in life, I suppose is to learn to accept what cannot be altered and to keep on doing one's own reasoned and resolute best whether the prospect be bleak or rosy."

~Bobby Jones~

Quotations on Being a Golfer

" ... Scoring comes from being able to preserve what you've got and play your smart shots when you need to play them and not do stupid things and take advantage of things when have you them ... "

~Jack Nicklaus~

"Golf is a good walk spoiled."

~Mark Twain~

Famous Golf Quotes

"If you think it's hard to meet new people, try picking up the wrong golf ball."

~Jack Lemmon~

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