Guitars Make LDRs Happen

by Jessie

The Secret To Being Irresistible To Any Man

Guitars make LDRs Happen

Before I start my 'story', I would just like to warn you, I'm an odd storyteller. (lol).

People say that they fall for their "best friend" and all that stuff. I truly have and I'll try to explain how and why.

Eight or nine so months ago, I was dating a guy and having a need for "a man's opinion and advice" on my problem (which was that my boyfriend hadn't contacted me in a week and like most girls, I was losing it). So, I asked my 'now boyfriend' Brian (who at the time was rather a random person that I knew online because we hung out in the same acoustic guitar room) about his thoughts on all the stuff I had been going through.

Like every girl, I didn't take the man's advice and I kept having really rough relationship problems for a few more weeks (and really bad 'after break up' break downs..since after I asked for advice..I then realized he was seeing some one else. Bleh).

Brian and I really quickly became best friends, we talked all the time on mics/cams and texted. When I'd see my boyfriend at the local store (we sadly live in a small town. Price you pay I guess), Brian would be all "Want me to drive down there and kick his butt for ya?" and I'd agree as I fled the store like a total weak nerd.

So our 'friendship' was going very well. We could talk about anything and everything (and still can). He even taught me how to play guitar (before then, I'd just sit in the acoustic chat room and listen) so we had something to 'bond' over I guess you could say. He even gave me my first guitar capo and new set of strings.

A few months later (Feb of '10) We then decided that we were going to hang out for a week and jam out with our guitars. Plus, I needed the vacation.

When I hugged him at the airport, I knew I had the biggest crush on my best friend. All I wanted to do was hold his hand and be all "couply" and tried to get away from such a feeling (yet couldn't). Around day 2 of our trip, We were just sitting on the couch watching tv. When his room mate finally went to bed, he moved closer to me and said those words I'll never forget "Come here, trouble" and kissed me.

That week was awesome and we're now in a very loving long distance relationship. He told me the other day that he had been having feelings for me since 3 months into knowing one another, I was all "You could have told me.." He was like "Nah..I had to wait til you finally saw that ex of yours as the complete piece of poo he is..That took a while." can fall for your best friend.

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