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Where to start? It's been about a year since my last "relationship" which didn't end so well and I was pretty hung up on that. Now there is this guy who I have known for a while and we used to flirt quite a lot and I think he likes me.

Time passed and we didn't really talk. Next thing, he started dating my best friend (they went out for like a week. It wasn't really anything and seeing them together hurt me. Since he was a guy with a girlfriend, I never said anything, but I guess my reaction confirmed that I had feelings for him.

Although we had moments where it felt like we had something, I never acted on them because of my best friend. They did break up very quickly and now it's been a while and we have started speaking again. I told my best friend I had feelings for him and she was totally fine with it and wanted me to go for it.

So we have been at that "talking" stage and flirting and him saying this could be the start of something. Then a couple of days ago, I was talking to his friend and he said that the boy I like asked some girl out and she said yes. It sounds dramatic but I broke down because I had only just gotten over the last time.

I was pretty upset and angry so I texted this boy telling him how I felt, and he said he has no idea that I liked him and if he knew how I felt he would have gone with it, but he thought I was out of his league and stuff like that. He said that he wanted to be with me and had for some time now. Then he was asking me what he should do and I said I can't tell him what HE should do because it's his decision.

Basically, I got the impression that he wanted to be with me and not the other girl. Still, once again, he is a guy with a girlfriend.

So all this happened last night and I haven't spoken to him since and not sure what I should do. Give up? Stick it out, give him space, talk to him? I honestly don't know.

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Mar 04, 2010
Go with your heart
by: jessica

Go with your heart. If he wants to be with you, he should break up with that girl and you should be his girlfriend.

Listen to your heart ... it has the answer.

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