he didn't deserve my love

by maddy

i met him at my best friend's footy match
to be honest i couldn't believe my catch
there was just no way that i could see
that this guy could be meant for me.

we chatted away and i watched him play
in my mind i was thinking of things to say
he gave me his number, made me promise to call,
i was so naive, of course i said sure.

he sent me a photo, i realised i'd hit the jackpot-
smart, funny, and god, was he hot.
the four hour drive was going to be hard
but i had no reason to put up my guard.

less than a month later we were going out
and i honestly didnt have a doubt.
he said that he loved me, "together forever"
hes so unreliable, just like the weather.

the next two months were great
to see him again i just couldn't wait,
but suddenly the messages ceased to be
not one message would he send to me

he said he'd be mine for life-
i even dreamt of being his wife.
but then he decided it was not to be,
suddenly he did not want me.

he led me on to believe his lies,
said he was doing it to protect me,
but i'm too wise.
he didn't know that i knew about his his ex,
yes, the one he continued to text.

it took me two months to end it,
to smother the flame that i had once lit.
to bring myself to realising
with him there was just no compromising.

i let him go and cried myself to sleep,
and for days i continued to weep.
i longed to hold him in my arms,
to once again be entranced by his charm.

and to this day i still haven't moved on
still can't bring myself to believe that i have won
how can i when i've felt all the pain,
and watched my love life go right down the drain?

because i know he's happy,
without me in some place far
probably driving around
with some other girl in his car.
and he will never know how hurt i was
but some day i know he'll realise that it was his loss.

he never deserved the love and care i offered him
he didn't love me back,
i wasn't the prize that he wanted to win
so good luck to him where ever he is
for keeping the girl that he wants to be with.

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Apr 28, 2015
just let them go NEW
by: dominic

If they do not deserve the love, just let them go. Everything that you gave must have to be taken back. The best thing you must keep in mind is the love that may sometimes hurts but it will be for a good reason.search more

Dec 14, 2010
that same thing happened to me
by: Anonymous

That is horrible. My ex, i thought that he was the most amazing thing in the world.Then he didn't talk to me.When I called him, no answer, when i texted him, still no answer. I was so confused and wanted to cry. Then finally, one day he called me, He said that we should have some time apart and if i still liked him than we would date.I loved him and i wasn't ready to say my goodbyes. Days, weeks, and even years passed without hearing from him.I still thought about him every once in a while. Then one day i got a text saying that it is him. I said hey. SO now here we are, we've been dating for 6 and a half years. :)

Apr 05, 2010
he doesn't deserve my love
by: Anonymous

go girl!

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