He is more then a nice guy...

Hello Laura,

My name is Penelope and I have just watched one of your videos on youtube called A Nice guy you dont really like. And I have a problem I was hoping you could help me with. The guy I am seeing is a really nice guy. I can talk to him for hours. We do have the same values, and much of the same interests. I feel comfortable with him which is big with me because i dont feel comfortable around a lot of people. I've seen him a couple times now, and I just feel like something is missing. The thing is I have never had a relationship before, and I know that a lot of the time fear holds me back. Everyone tells me I need to give him more of a chance and I'm just running away because that's what i tend to do. But usually I run after the first date. Like I said, I really like him. He is a really nice guy, we can talk for hours, and he is physically attractive, but for some reason i am extremely hesitant. I feel like I should like him. I have no reason not to. But still I have this gut feeling. I have fun when I'm with him but I guess.. I don't feel.. the butterflies? I did the first time I met him, but don't seem to now. Is it just me overthinking and being afraid? Or is something just really missing? I was wondering if maybe you had some advice. Thank you so much...


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Feb 19, 2012
trust your gut
by: Pamela

Hey Penelope i read what you wrote, in most cases i think that your gut feeling helps with these types of situation its just an instinct, if there is no butterfly's then i guess there isn't that much of a connection. Let him make the moves first, just stick to being his friend at the moment don't focus to far on the future when ur not sure what will happen. My opinion is that dating is a part of life, but don't let dating distract you from your life. I really wouldn't like you getting hurt by a guy because most guys are idiots and heart breakers. If your going to date someone make sure that he will be the one that your going to spend your whole life with. I hope i helped, p.s i know a lot about relationships and heart break.

Feb 13, 2012
He's more than just a nice guy
by: Anonymous

You are thinking about it too much. Talking yourself out of what could be a wonderful relationship. Take it easy, take it slow, but don't stop just because your inner demons are bothering you!

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