He Loves Her

by Amanda


He Loves Her

I'll start by saying that a long time ago, I used to live my life like nothing really mattered to me, without realising that by thinking this way, I ignored all my profound and positive emotions. I was blocking out everything.

Then he came. He just stepped into my world and made me realise that life is actually worth living. He never knew this. He never knew that he saved me in the best way anyone could ever save me. He never noticed me. He never knew my name.

Time went by and after 4 years I found myself still thinking about him, I realised I was falling asleep wishing he was beside me, I was dreaming of us being together every single day. I ignored all the guys around me all this time.
Then i knew it. I was desperately in love with a man who didn't love me back. I tried to accept this and to thank myself for finally being able to feel love, but on the other hand I still missed him.

After some time, I discovered the awful truth: he loves her ... he was in a relationship with a woman he was crazy about. I was devastated. Wherever I was looking, they were there, holding hands and kissing and... I cried. I cried so much I ran out of tears.

Last year I noticed she was pregnant. They were expecting their first baby together and he seemed so happy about it that I almost felt wonderful for them.

I knew then that there's no hope left for me, that the only person I could ever love is already with someone else. And, like this wasn't enough, they even got married the same year. She looks like a princess in the wedding pictures.
And there she is. In his arms. In the place where I always wanted to be.

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