he loves me but he chooses her

i have a boyfriend who has already a girlfriend abroad. They took almost 1 year and a half living here and after that, the girl left for work abroad. Now, this guy and i met from work. our feelings developed for each other and one day, he asked me to be his girl.

knowing that he has a girlfriend abroad, i talked to him that he must settle it first with his girlfriend before i enter the relationship. he said that he will do that. he will tell his girlfriend abroad the time when she comes back.

so, we had wonderful time together being boyfriend and girlfriend. he never texted his girlfriend abroad nor answered her calls. i thought that was good for me...

now, the girl came back because her mother died. i thought, it was a good timing for my boyfriend to tell her about us. unfortunately, he did not say anything to her.

we talked. i told him that if he cant break up with the girl, break with me. and he did it to me. the problem is, he still wants me to see and talk. spend time together and be together. the girl already left again for work abroad. what should i do? i want the guy.. but i think, i should have let him go.. but i cant. help me please.

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