Heartbreak Love Quotes
Healing After a Breakup

Our heartbreak love quotes will evoke your deepest feelings about your breakup, separation or divorce. There's nothing wrong with this, in fact, it helps immensely to have a good, therapeutic cry. Howl your pain into your pillow, wail into the night. Weep, let yourself weep, until your tears run dry. You have the right to mourn that something, once cherished and beautiful, has died.

Healing begins as you let go of the past and embrace the present. In order for this to happen, let go the dam of feeling, if only a little at a time.

~ Laura Ramirez

Lie still, lie still, my breaking heart
My silent heart, lie still and break.

~Christina Rossetti

The day breaks not,
it is my heart.

~John Donne

At the end, every flower loses its perfume.

~Italian saying

heartbreak love quotes
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To heal a broken heart, focus on your growth and development

From whence do glance love's piercing darts
That make such holes into our hearts.

~George Peele

There lives within the very flame of love
A kind of wick or snuff that will abate it.


I was cryin'
Cause you broke my heart in two
So I was cryin'

On account of You.

~Langston Hughes

Heartbreak Love Quotes

Never love with all your heart,
It only ends in aching.

~Countee Cullen

The song is ended but
the memory lingers on.

~Irving Berlin

O what a heaven is love!
O what a hell!

~Thomas Dekker

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