Help me with love!

by Myca<3
(San Diego CA)

I've like this guy since third grade and now he knows because my friend told him. He said that he doesn't like me that way so one day I told him to talk to me the NEXT day in a note, and he totally stood me up.

I went to talk to my friend and saw him talking to his friend then he glanced at me, so I looked the other way. I'm in 7th grade now so he used to hang out with me in elementary school all the time, but now I guess he's gotten "cooler" and ignores me now.

I'm really sad and cry myself to sleep all the time. And it really doesn't help me now because I got into a fight with my friend who I've known since kindergarten and I miss my late grandpa.

So all this is giving me lots of stress and I can't talk to anyone about all this. But I cant handle it anymore so I extremely need your help. I've tried to get over him, but I can't.

I don't know why but he's so cute. I remember when I was sad in 5th grade, he would ALWAYS make me feel better and said that at least he was my friend. So whenever I'm sad, I remember that and that got me even more sad. So right now at this point, I'm pretty pathetic.

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Apr 14, 2009
Its Me
by: Myca<3

Thank you for all your advice. I just want to say that I don't like him for only his looks. It's probably that he's changed and I am very mature for my age. As for my friend, she was the one who caused the problem first and needs to see the truth in it and stop telling other people rumors.

I am not ignorant and not just saying that because I'm defending myself. I know that I am not. I want to thank you again for all the help. It's nice to know other reasons why my crush is ignoring me now even though we used to be really great friends. Thanks.

Mar 30, 2009
cry for a little while
by: Anonymous

My advice to you is cry for a little while and let it go. At least he told you how he felt. He could've used you and really broken your heart. That feeling is way worse.

He'll come around sooner or later even if it is as a friend. As for the friend you're not talking to, find a way to work things out and if that's not possible at least you did your best.

Things will get better, I promise. I lived through my junior and high school years. When you look back on this, you're gonna ask yourself what in the hell was I thinking.

Smile and enjoy. This is a time to be happy. I know easier said than done but it can be done. I know this for a fact.

Mar 30, 2009
Gluton 4 Punishment
by: Spiritually-Minded

I am sorry that you feel that way about someone who has told you the truth about how he feels. He likes you as a friend, nothing more and he avoids you now because you refuse to get that through your head.

He does not want to make a bad situation worse by talking to you because he does not want you to feel led on or to hurt your feelings. You have got to understand that you are making him uncomfortable by walking around looking like a lost puppy.

I gather that your friend told you the truth and you got mad. You need to apologize. Sorry about your grief, I know that it's not easy to lose a loved one, but there is no excuse for ignorance.

You need to attend grief counseling. You are too young to handle a relationship, you need to finish growing up because you seem to have a problem dealing with reality and with the truth especially when it is told to you.

Just because someone is cute isn't a good enough reason to fall in love with them. You need to know what is in that person's heart. Just because a person looks good on the outside doesn't mean that they are nice on the inside. Ask someone that has been abused by someone that was handsome. You need to learn how to judge their character.

You need to be honest with yourself, stop that crying, and face the truth. It is not healthy to form this kind of fixation on others. Sorry this is tough love and I hope you use it.

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