by Robin

I was dating a person for awhile and we broke up a few days ago because he was cheating on me and he also said we should break up because of the distance...and now hes telling me that he messed up and he's sorry—he never should have let me go and he promised he was never going to cheat again..but I really don't know what to believe because there's a saying: once a cheater always a I'm scared of losing him for good bit at the same time I'm also scared of getting hurt again...also as he is telling me he wants me back, he's dating this other girl and he says he doesn't like her, but if he didn't like her then why is he dating her?

(His cousin said something to me yesterday that made me think. She was like "I know he still loves you and he wants you back but he knows that you don't trust him anymore so he's trying to move on by dating other girls but it's not working too well because he still loves you.". When she said that to me, it made me think a lot. I really don't know if i should take him back or if you have anything to say please do ... but if you really dont know what I should do that's okay too...

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