High School Boys

by Juliette

I'm not really a lonely person. I always like to have someone by my side, a boyfriend, a best friend, etc. And I was very interested in this high school boy, I hardly knew him and we hadn't ever hung out. we just saw each other time to time and talked over the phone. He was really sweet, and funny. He was adorable as well. And I was unaware that he was into bad habits. His friends were a bad influence on him, and he was a push-over to do almost anything they suggested he do. By the time I found out about these habits, he had already taken a "break" from talking to me. When we started talking again I could see right through him.

He wasn't particularly interested in me for my personality, one might put it like that. He seemed so nice, obviously I was blinded by love, or what I thought was love. This story of mine here has a moral: Love, always makes you blind to the truth. It gets you "high". And blind. Never go on instincts alone, get your facts when dealing with love. It hurts more to get hurt when you go in alone than going in knowing that you are strong and can make it through anything. Remember who you are. You are smart, beautiful, and worth the world to someone. Don't settle for anyone that doesn't please you or think you are wonderful, just the way you are.

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