Homecoming Dance 09

by Kelly Ann
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This is a picture of Dan back from freshman year  (:

This is a picture of Dan back from freshman year (:

Homecoming was back in November and nobody asked me to go and most of my friends had dates. My long time crush Dan had asked this girl named Emily, who had always hated me for some reason. Well I decided not having a date wasn't gonna stop me so I went to Homecoming. Dan and I were talking with a group of friends when Emily arrived and literally grabbed his arm, pulled him away and started scolding him like a mom.

After, Dan came over and told me what happened. He said that she was mad that he was talking to me when he was on a date with her. I guess I kinda had a "It's my fault? I'm sorry." look on my face so he said not worry about and that he may not be able to to talk to me for the whole dang night. I said it was okay and for him to have fun with Emily.

At that point, he walked away and I had a huge frown on my face which I suppose Emily saw because she smiled and waved at me. I was drinking punch with some Juniors I had met that night when one of them, Brad, asked me if I wanted to dance. I was so happy that I'd get at least one dance. So I said yes and we started dancing and I hadn't noticed that Dan and Emily were dancing about two feet away from us.

Brad leaned into my ear and asked if I knew who was "burning a whole in his face." I turned over to where he was looking to see Dan! I was shocked, and Emily I guess noticed he wasn't paying any attention to their dance and turned over to see what was happening as well. Then Dan whispered something in Emily's ear left her in the middle of the floor and came over to me and Brad.

Dan asked," Um, can I butt in?" Brad replied,"You should have asked her when you had the chance, Buddy." Then I realized I was only dancing with Brad because I was picturing it was Dan and that Brad was a jerk! So I said,"Brad you're a total jerk, and not because you're being mean to Dan, but because you're mean to everybody!" Which is true people thought he was the bully of the Junior Class.

So I stepped away from Brad and was swept away by the security of Dan's arms. Dan and I went outside. "Why? Why did you do that?" I asked "Because I couldn't stand you being with another guy like that," Dan said gently

"Then why didn't you ask me to Homecoming yourself then huh?"

"Come on, Kelly Ann, you know me, I'm so shy around girls."

"That doesn't make sense that you asked Emily." I said.

"Emily asked or rather begged me to go with her. She said that you'd never say yes to me and all she wanted was for me and her to go together."

"You were gonna...you were gonna ask me?"

"Kelly Ann if you hadn't noticed I'm totally and completely in love with you," he said softly.

I couldn't find the right words to say so I kissed him. It was one of those long passionate kisses that you've dreamed of ever since you were a little girl.

That was the best night night of my fourteen year old life. (I know this story isn't very funny but, I couldn't find another place to put it and I want it to be up here.

Dan asked me out that night and we've been together ever since. We're planning to go to winter formal together and Emily gave up trying to break us up after our six month anniversary and everything has been amazing ever since.

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Jul 20, 2015
Nice! NEW
by: Paul

I think you are little shy in speaking to girls. That is the main reason why you have such a tough situation to open your heart in front of your girl. Make it change your attitude and bravely speak out. buckyballs

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