Hopeless - A Black Woman Poem

by Latrice Lee
(San Diego CA)

Hopeless, A Black Woman Poem

The kids are screaming and crying,
mama wishing for her mate.
Her pants too tight,
the babies have caused her to gain weight.
Her man left her alone,
another black woman left to fend on her own.
God what happened to me,
all the white, mexican, chinese still happy with their men full of glee.
Am I being paranoid, thinking or seeing it wrong? No I'm just one that speak on what I see is wrong.
Black man, why have you left me alone?
Your kids are screaming and wanting their daddy's love.
Have I become the stereotype that the world says I am?
Single mother, desperate, searching for a man.
Is my man that black man they say he is?
Deadbeat daddy with several kids,
everywhere that's his.
Why are we stuck in this cycle that only hurts us?
Where is our strong love that kept us together and our family strong?
Is it hopeless?
Am I hopeless?
Is he hopeless?
Are we hopeless?

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Apr 23, 2015
Thanks NEW
by: Linda

Well, I would say that this one was a decent try and there is nothing to be criticized about this poem. Considering the fact that this is an amateur work. The usage of words and the way which the things are conveyed are so beautiful to recite. ICD 10 Preparation

Feb 18, 2009
by: Anonymous

If you were going to write a poem about a black woman it could at least have been something positive!! That poem is sorry and it made me really feel bad reading it.The thing about this poem is it is not true of all black men or familys, just being sterotyped again!!!! Just as it is not true that all other races are just living in perfect harmony with their mates.Well to bring this to a close this poem is just a put down to a black woman, talking about screaming babies and being left alone. The title alone says it all hopeless and that exactly what this poem is hopeless!!!!!!!!!!

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