Hopeless Love Story?

by Lily-Anne

"I like you, a lot. Please give me a chance."

I wish I hadn't shot him down. My best friend, well, kinda (we lost contact for awhile), since seventh grade was sitting across from me, as handsome as a Greek God.

How could I have said no? Oh well, I did.

I told him the distance was a huge factor. "You live an hour and a half away!" He looked forlorn, but agreed that he hadn't thought of that.

Later that night, he posted that he wanted to move back. How I wished he had never left.

May 24. The night my heart soared.
Sitting on his bed, laughing and being completely goofy, we had a moment. He held my hand. Dinner was called and seeing as I had already eaten, I did not accompany him. He did demand a hug, and well, I didn't argue.

It was simply magic. I fit so perfectly against him, it was kinda weird. And as I let myself fall too hard for him, he whispered in my ear: "I could get used to this..."

He ate and returned and pulled me against him. He wrapped both arms around me and told me it was amazing how perfectly I fit in his arms. I giggled, but agreed quietly to myself. It was remarkable.

I sat up, and started to fidget with my shoe. He sat up and looked at me. I looked back, suddenly very aware of the closeness of his face. And it happened. A connection that could possibly top the "first kiss connection" (yes, this kid was indeed my first kiss in 7th grade. Cute or weird, I dunno.) It was just perfect. Plain and simple. Perfect.

The night continued like that. We fit so well together, it was weird, but touching. Finally, I had found the guy that made me feel unique and special. The guy I just loved to hang out with and laugh about silly things. I had fallen for my best friend.

The night had to end, and we parted after another amazing hug and simply breathtaking kiss.

May 25. The day I almost completely shattered.
He was leaving. It brought me close to tears. Leaving and returning to Fichers. I knew this was going to happen. Why would I let myself be so completely stupid!

He stopped by. We talked and although I tried to hide my sadness, it seeped through. "SMILE," he instructed me. So I did, the best fake smile I have ever had. My dad eyed us warily from the garage. "Just tell him we're just friends and that I came to say good-bye. It's the truth right?"

My heart stopped. What? No, no, no, no, no, no! Did last night mean nothing?! Was I just a weekend fling? Oh my God. I thought I was going to melt right there on the sidewalk, leaning against his car. Why? NO! Please God I'm begging you, no!

I frowned, and replied with a measly "yeah, I guess.."

He shot me a look. I looked away, trying to hold back the tears I could feel forming behind my eyes.

"I might be in town next weekend. We could hang out again..." Yeah, great.

As much as I wanted to hang out with him, my heart throbbed. I knew that no matter how much we cared, how much we tried, it would end like this every week. I could tell that he wanted more. He wanted me. To hug me and keep me close. I knew that. But it wasn't likely to work out. Oh the horror.

This heartache will last. I just have to learn to live above it. I'm not moving on either. How could I? I had now experienced life with him. And it was a hell of a lot better than life with out him. So now what? How do we continue from here? As Kelly Clarkson says, "It's a long shot, but I say ... why not?"

So why not? I would give ANYTHING to be with him. Anything and you CAN quote me on that.

Is there hope? Will he give me a shot? The odds are against us, that may be true. But why not? What is there to lose?

Nothing that hasn't already been lost.
Now if only I could muster up the guts to tell him all of this.

Oh, Chris.
If only you knew..

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Jul 28, 2015
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by: Dennis

I do not think that the love story that you have shared on the page is that hopeless. I believe that the boy will come for you again, as you are so beautiful and charming. Next time show the guts to express your love to the boy. Telesteps Telescoping Ladder

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