How did we ever fall in love?

by Brittttttany!

I was sitting at lunch, my ninth grade year with a friend that I always sat with and 3 boys we had always thought were cute came and sat next to us. Usually they didn't have that lunch-and started talking between themselves... as teenage girls that thought they were cute we unwittingly started listening to their conversation and having our own about theirs; not even thinking about them being able to hear us as well.

As the conversations grew I started thinking one of the boys was cuter and cuter...why, I don't know (the conversation they were having was utterly inappropriate!). I later that night talked to the boy's cousin and was telling him about my day and sitting with him and he said he was going to get us to go on a date and that we needed to talk one on one and see where it went. We dated off and on for 3 years... the boy I always thought was so hot and would love to be able to go out with and I the girl he always thought was so attractive and wanted to have sex with (of course, what else goes through a 16 year old boy's mind?) and then we fell in love.

How we did, I couldn't tell you and now not a day goes by I don't think about him and the day we finally talked.

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