i dunno what it is about him?

by can't say

we met in 8th grade. we didn't start talking until about the middle of the year, but after that we became best friends for about 2 years. i finally told him my feelings for him, & he said he felt the same. so we dated one day before our first month, and he broke it off with me.

i was so devastated because what i felt about him, i have not felt for any other guy. i came to find out, he said he broke up with me to flirt with other girls. i cried for 2 nights straight & still cry when i think about him.

after about 2 weeks, he called me crying, wanting me back, asking me back. i still haven't made up my mind, but yeah i want him back...but i don't want him to think that i'll be here every time he decides to take me back. i just dunno what to tell him or do.

i do love him. but my parents don't like him, & all my friends hate him now that he did this to me. but i still LOVE HIM. with all my heart.

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