I like a boy so much, does he like me?

by Katie Smith*

July 26, 2009

I am 15 1/2, and I like my 13 1/2 year old neighbor, John*, whom I've known since I was 10. I am best friends with his 11 year old sister, Anna*. The problem is I am not sure if he likes me. He knows I like him, but he said "Eeewww!" when his little sister said I like him. He is rather immature (but I am too), and he teases me a lot. I'll give a few examples:

~when I speak, he mocks me kiddingly
~he says I look 12
~he teases me because of my ethnicity (he squints his eyes and says I have an Asian haircut) but he's not racist, he's just kidding
~he throws grass at me

I get a lot of info from Anna. She says he says, "Eew, why do you like Kate*?!" and when I slept over her house, we secretly stole a pair of his boxers.

She said she's not sure if he likes girls yet... But she said he might like me because boys are mean when they like a girl.

John and I always argued a lot, but lately, video games have brought us together. We have lots of similarities like our love for Pokemon.

Yesterday, my 12 year old neighbor, Anthony* and John were playing Sonic. I watched quietly. I could see John looking over Anthony to look at me. And he tells me how much he dislikes his little sister and she tries to act cute and prissy, but she's just annoying.

He and I were playing on our DS yesterday. We sat on the steps side by side and I'd look at him, and when he looked up I'd smile, he'd look at me for five seconds, sort of smiling, look at the game, and ask me a question about Pokemon. And I'd tap him on the shoulder and he'd say, "Don't touch me because I'm John!"

He is immature but really fun. Oh, one time I was sad because my boyfriend broke up with me and he asked if he could see his picture, and he said he was ugly.

I don't know if he likes me. Can you please analyze the info given? Does it sound like he might, or do you think he's not ready. Any tips to get him to like me? What should I do? I want to be more than friends with him. He's never had a girlfriend before. What's your opinion on my dilemma? Please help.

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* Names changed for privacy.

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