I like a man who is 17 years older than me

by natasha

Hi I'm Natasha. About 2 months a go i met a guy and we started texting as friends. we haven't been on a date yet. I really started to like him. when I asked him how old he was he told me 38.

So after a while I added him on facebook and I found out that he wasn't 38 but 41. I don't like it when people lie to me so i was really pissed off. I texted him and asked him why he had to lie to me about his age.

He told me that he was scared that i would reject him if I knew that he was 41. He also asked people if they knew me and he heard that I dated someone who was older than me and that the person really broke my heart.

instead of acting like a grown up he lied to me like a child. we talked it over and he said he was really sorry, but i still don't know if i should trust him and go on a date with him.

My friends don't like the idea of me going out with him because he's much older than me. They say he can have a lot of baggage from his past, act as if he knows everything, play games with me and also say that my parents will be disappointed in me if i date him. So for them he's to old and I should take someone of my age. They also don't like the fact that he is just a bartender. They say I should date someone who is more financially stable.

So my question to you is should i get to know him more and go on a date with him or just leave it as it is and stop right now (as my friends say)?

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