i met him...

by joy ann

emO gUrl...

emO gUrl...

i met my man on a clan...

i fall to him sO easily because of his attitude...
time goes by i absolutely fall to him.. and him also.. he fall tO mE..
we have a mutual understanding during that time... and he court mE..
1 month ago i answer him...
because i don't want to skip it..because that time i'm already in love with him..
one day he ask me if w e can meet...
so i agreed because i want to see him..
then suddenly when i see him.. i can't speak i'm intimidated, i dont know why... and my heart beats fast...
i feel joy..
and in that time.. he introduce me in tO hiS friends and relatives and also tO his paRents.. that's why i'm so intimidated,
hE gAvE mE a bRacElEt and necklace..
it's so cute..

thE next mOnth we meet again..
in my brother's house... because my mother didn't want me to have a boyfriend because of my early age...
bUT timEs gOeS by.. shE accept it...
that's why im so happy...

may 25-27 , we have the regional youth conference activity in
our church..
3 days, i'm very happy because we'll be together in 3 days..:)
1st day, i snub him.. whatever he do i didn't talk to him.. that's why he feel so embarrased..
on the second day, in the evening there was an event that we call dance social
he ask me for a dance, so i agreed and im very very happy on that time,
because he's the only one i want to dance with..
my friends teasing us when they saw me with my boyfriend ian
but on that time i didn't care about what they say i'm only focusing on the moment..
on that time i said to myself i wish the time could stop so we would last forever...

after that event many months we didn't meet always on the phone we talk and on cellphone...
the sad thing is
on our 7th month anniversary we broke up
because of jealousy

he decided that we needed space so we broke up, i was crying and crying because of what would happen because i LOVE HIM so much..
one of the reasons why we need to have a break up
is because ian and his family will be migrating to canada
so he said it's better this way...

but now were only friends
i'm trying my best to come back again with my ex-boyfriend

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