I never knew....

I never knew that you could fall in love at such a young age....until it happened to me.

I was in 7th grade and there was this new boy who was totally gorgeous and extremely smart.

We had gym together, but that was it.

He was really good at sports, but never bragged.
He was a total winner.

That whole year I liked him.

In June, I got a boyfriend....but it wasn't the guy I liked.

I only said yes to this guy because I felt bad and I thought that I'd better give him a chance. Let's say the guy I liked name was...Devin. And the boy I went out with was...Jack.

Anyways, that summer I hardly saw my boyfriend Jack, so in September I broke up with him. I still liked Devin. In early October Devin told me that he liked me!

So of course I was really happy.

We started to go out in November.

We were in love.


No lie.

Young love <3

And then he began to act like a jerk.
We never got along and we hardly spoke.
He never showed up at dates and I was so pissed.
And then another boy ... lets call him ... Nate, told me that he liked me. Now, Nate is gorgeous and known school wide for his amazing voice. He's perfect in every way and not to mention popular.
On me and Devin's six month anniversary, we broke up.

I dumped him.

We were no good for each other that last month.
I was so relieved when it was over, and to top it off, Nate asked me out! I was so happy.

Nate and I went out for two weeks. He was a great boyfriend...or so i thought!

At our final 8th grade dance in June, he dumped me half because I wasn't over Devin and half cuz I wouldn't have sex with him!

I was so mad and then I began to hurt. Really badly. I felt sad and longed for Devin back.

And it turned out that Devin wanted me back too!
I was the happiest person alive when he asked me out a week later. Sure we were only apart for 2 weeks, but it KILLED.

I asked him about his attitude during that last month. He said sorry and that he still loved me.
We enjoyed the beginning of summer together.
The end of june and the beginning of July.
but then...my friends were telling me that he wanted to break up with me and have sex with another girl?

They were my close friends too!
So I called Devin up and asked him. He denied it ... so I said fine. A week later, he called me up and dumped me saying that it wasn't working. I WANTED TO KILL HIM! It hurt so bad and I cried myself to sleep at night.

August came and I began to hang out with my very first boyfriend from 7th grade....Jack. I really liked him, and when he asked me out, I said yes.

I totally forgot about Devin for awhile, until the first day of school. My god he was so gorgeous. I realized that I loved him all along. I said sorry to Jack and let him go...which was one of the biggest mistakes of my freshman year (so far).

I wasn't expecting Devin to ask me out ... but that's what he did! He told me sorry...for everything. H apologized and came close to tearing up!

Of course, I took him back ... I still loved him.
He was still his innocent self (getting all A's and being star of his football team), so we went out.

We went out for, say ... 2 and a half days? YEAH, I KNOW! It was so stupid ... we only went out for one full day. He broke up with me at one of his football games. Such an asshole!

He said that it wasn't me, it was him. whatever. Now, he's dating one of my ex best friends. She doesn't talk to me now that she's dating Devin ... which is weird because we were really close once. I didn't do anything to her, she just ignores me now! I'm the one who should be ignoring her though, but I'm not mean like that.

Devin is totally gay looking now though, and he's totally ugly all the sudden...like his face is breaking out and everything. He's a jerk and I'm better off without him.

I never knew you could fall out of love...
but I did.

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Feb 14, 2010
Things will turn around
by: Anonymous

That's so terrible! Trust me things will work out in the future! :)

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