I sense a pattern here

by Avery

I like this girl: she's going out with Ray.

I fall in love with another girl: she's going out with Ray.
I sense a pattern, but I digress.

I know this girl who's in my class that I became really good friends with and have fallen in, "love," with her. Unfortunately, I'm shy, which makes every moment I'm with her bittersweet. One day we start texting each other and she asks, "So who do you like now?" I replied, "You." And it goes on.

I felt things were going fine, until she said that she's going out with someone. And that someone is my arch enemy! I thought I actually had a chance. But she never said she didn't feel the same way about me, but if I walk away from this with any lesson, it would be that the biggest bitch in life is loving someone who doesn't love you.

It's funny how life works that way. It builds you up, then breaks you down.

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