I think I'm being lied to...

by Donna
(Charlotte, NC, USA)

There is this guy i like and we've been on and off for three months. he's broken up with me 3 times, but i still care. I don't know what he feels or thinks and i dont know how to act, so i thought i'd ask for some advice.

The first two break ups we still were together afterwards but we weren't official. He just left me for a third time.

I think he's been lying to me. He lied early on and said he had quit smoking even though he hadnt, he told me about that. Then the day before yesterday when he broke up with me he said that hes not ready for a relationship he needs to be alone and work on himself and that if he wanted a relationship again id be the first to know.

He then unfriended me on fb and i find out 4 hrs later hes in a relationship with some girl on fb that he just added as a friend, somehow him becoming friends with her showed up on my newsfeed. I flat out asked him last night on the phone if he was lying or hiding something he said he wasn't.

I told him i thought there was something more than he was telling me so i said just tell me the whole truth now and i wont be mad. He became very serious and said he wasn't lying, but i still just don't know. I have some trust issues with him since he broke up with me so much. I still care a lot but i dont want to be lied to.

So when i mentioned to him last night, when we talked on the phone, that my friend had seen his relationship over her account he said he was helping her out bc she was having some stalker guy issues and i believed him but her fb is wide open for everyone to see and she kept saying he was coming to see her today.

He said i don't even remember what city she lives in and she lives far away. I dont have and car and she doesn't. She wants me to come but its not gonna happen. And i hope she isnt getting the wrong idea about this relationship.

So today i texted him and the text i sent took 4 hrs to be received by his phone, which means his phone was off, and whenever he was with me he turned his phone off. Which means if he had been with her his phone would be off, which it was until 3 in the afternoon, i mean maybe his phone was turned off for another reason bc she lives an hour away from him and neither one of them has a car or people that would be willing to drive an hour, well two hours, for them.

So i just dont know. And last night when we talked he said he'd call back later but he didn't so i was ignored last night and today the two texts ive sent have not been answered.

His lies are very detailed and he i'm sure was not expecting me to ask these questions so he would have had to come up with them on the spot and pull them off so i'd believe them. He didnt even hesitate so thats why i think it was the truth, and he didnt really have a reason to lie. But at the same time why would he be ignoring me now and have not added me back on fb. Things just dont add up.

What do you think? Is he lying?

We had an instant connection, i shouldnt still care, but i do. I need advice.

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Feb 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

Honey, please this guy is so lying to you. Get over him and don't let a man ruin your life. You are 13 years old? MOVE ON HE IS NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE!

Jan 27, 2011
You are right.
by: Anonymous

Yep, he is playing you. RUN....

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