I'll just have to wait…

by Megs

My best friends were Jess, Callum and Nick. We always used to hang. Jess and Callum were going out. But the funny thing was, I had the biggest crush on Callum.

One lunch Jess and Nick wasn't out from class yet so it was just me and Callum. It was awkward. Very awkard. I turned around and said 'i love you. Im sorry.' He answerd, 'i figured, as in class you stare at me all the time!'
As you can tell i was embarresed. So I walked away!

Jess came over to me, with Nick and Callum… we then started to talk and laugh. I was standing next to Callum. My hands by my sides and as I brought my hand up… I accidentally smacked his bum! My face went bright red... But i laughed a little.

Jess and Nick laughed. Callum too. I said 'it was an accident i swear'

The next day Callum and Jess broke up.
Me and Jess fell out, because of the accident.
Nick well, he found other friends.
Me too.

I still have a crush on Callum! Sometimes I catch him staring at me!
He always torments me.
Makes me laugh.

I'll just have to wait, for the right time, to make my move.

- Used Fake Names.

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