in doubt

by niece

its like this: me and my fiance have been together for 6 years now. we been thru hell n back together and i really love him. but the last year has been pretty rough and i almost feel like im falling out of love with him. he changed for the worse and i dont like it. i almost feel as if im settling and i dont like that feeling and thats why i turned to this other guy max.

i've been talkin to max for about 2 months now and he's just everything i want my fiance to be. when i with him im always happy and smiling i look forward to talkin to him everyday and some times when i with my fiance i think of max. but something tells me it would never work out with me and max. i dont know if its my own insecurities or what but i really like him a lot and i would wanna make it work but i dont know how. but at the same time just the thought of losing my fiance scares me but when i with him i dont feel the way i used to. i almost feel like i dont want to be with him. is this the end of our relationship? can you fall out of love with someone?

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