In Love with Two Guys

by kristy

I just got married and am happy....but before we got married my husband and I lived with another guy and in a way, I fell in love with him too. We flirted a lot and I will always like him in someways but when I asked him if we had anything together even though I knew we did, he didn't say anything and I never did get an answer. Ever since my husband and I moved out, I haven't talked to the other guy, but I knew he liked me and I felt something I never had before, but when he didn't answer my question, I figured he'd never like me or wasn't planning to tell me so I married my guy.

I still wonder if I made a mistake because still love the other guy as well and he's all I can think of. I miss him so much. I know really miss hanging out with him I don't know what I should do.

If I don't figure this out, I'm afraid I might mess up my marriage. My husband knows all about this, but he trusts me and doesn't believe I'll ever do anthing and I don't believe I ever will. Still, I know I loved this guy, but I wasn't ready to throw away a 4-year relationship for a guy who won't tell me how he feels.

I loved them both, but I had to give up one. I just don't know how to get rid of these feelings.

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