Is true love when God shows you a sign you asked Him for?

by William
(Charleston, SC)

After separation from my wife of 25 years, I began dating a very beautiful Bolivian woman who is also separated after a 4 month marriage. We started out as good friends and eventually fell in love with each other. Because of our marital situation and religion, there has been no sex involved during the duration of our relationship. Instead, our relationship was one of care, romance, compassion, respect, and affection for each other. We had discussed the possibility of a future together after our divorces but I told her I was not in a big rush to tie the knot again. She apparently would like to so when she found the right man for her and at the time said it was me. Then she told me that she had asked God for a sign that indicated I was that person. When the sign she asked for failed to appear by the 30 April date she asked for it on, she abruptly broke off the romantic portion of our relationship and said we could only be friends. I was devastated and told her there was no way I could compete with God. I had done so much for her and felt bitter and used. This in turn upset her to the point that she didn't like my reaction and said I was not what God wanted for her. She says she still loves and cares about me but I just can't believe this kind of reasoning - especially after all I did for her and the closeness we shared. Although I still love her dearly, I am now beginning to think that if this is the type of reasoning she uses to make important decisions in her life, I would be better off without her. Your thoughts?

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