It's not really funny

by cutie
(spokane, washington)

So i met Jake my freshman year in high school. We had science together. He was pretty shy, but i was too. We started talking over the computer then eventually over texting, and soon enough we we're hanging out and dating. I liked him, but he liked me a little too much. He would freak out if I hung out with other guys but yet he was too afraid to kiss me. I ended things after 2 weeks. Then sophomore year hit and I saw he wasn't wrestling that year. So i randomly messaged him and asked why. Days went by without him replying and i didn't really care. Then one day he messaged me back saying his phone was broken and he just got my message. He told me he blew out his knee blah blah blah... that's irrelevant. Anyways, we started talking again but the only problem was he was dating Kaitlin Assmus who was captain of the cheer leading squad. Jake liked me so much, i was his first girlfriend. so he broke up with Kaitlin for me. It wasn't that big of a deal they only dated a couple months, so we started dating again but this time it was different because he was more mature. We we're each others first everything and we fell madly in love. When wrestling season came around my junior year he started hanging out with Seth. Seth is a guy who has over 300 naked pictures of girls on his phone. He has sex probably everyday of his life and he doesn't give a shit about any one of those girls. He is a pig and an asshole. Soon i started to notice a change in Jake. Yep, Seth turned him into one too. Right before our 1 year anniversary and my birthday he broke up with me over texting, for no reason. A couple weeks later i found out he dumped me for a certain someone i won't say her name, but she is nasty. She ended up having sex with some guy on new years so they didn't last long, but still I was HEARTBROKEN and I still am. He won't talk to me, I've tried but he completely pushed me out of his life and the funny thing is, i did nothing to deserve this. I know I should just move on and get over it but I've tried. No guy is like Jake and everyone I was with just reminded me of him. We've been broken up for almost 3 months now and I'm still not over him, is he ever going to realize everything he put me through and try to get me back? Not like I'd take him back... it'd just be nice to know that everything we had wasn't a lie like it seems.

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